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Oil Cleaner

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Oil Cleaner


Oil is filtered by the power of machine itself, so electric power is not needed.

  • The purity of Oil is getting better (NAS Grade 5-8) as the machine is working.
  • Oil is automatically filtered during the operation of machine so there is no additional management.
  • Its compact size makes installation easy to any place.
  • The status of oil and problem of machine could be verified by the status of element even during the operation of machine.
  • Element could be changed even during the operation of machine.
  • Drastic Expansion (about 7times) of the lifespan of oil by the maintenance of high-purity oil (NAS Grade 5-8)
  • Improvement of productivity by the prevention of various troubles such as the clogging of valve and etc.
  • Expansion of the lifespan of machine by the maintenance of high-purity oil
  • Prevention of environmental pollution by the reduction of waste oil


  KSS-110 KSS-180
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Filtrating Quantity 1.5ℓ/min±0.3 3ℓ/min±0.3
Pressure Extent 10~210 kg/cm2
Filtrating Size More than 0.1µ(NAS 5~8)
Viscosity 10~220 CST(40 °C)
Manometer 40Ø, 10kgf/ .BD type
Caliber (In, Out) IN(PT 1/4"), OUT(PT 3/8")
Cracking Pressure 5kgf/±0.3
Temperature 0°C~80°C
Weight 4kg 6kg
Oil Tank Flux 300ℓ downward 1,000ℓ downward
Element F-110 F-180

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Oil Cleaner