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Oil Cleaner gt; KSS-180

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Oil Cleaner > KSS-180


  • Oil is filtered by hydraulic pressure of your machine, so electric power is not needed.
  • The purity of Oil is getting better (NAS Grade 5-9) when your machine is working time the 
    more increase.
  • Oil is automatically filtered during the operation of machine so there is no additional 
  • Element could be changed even during the operation of machine.
  • Its compact size makes installation easy to any place.
  • The status of oil and problem of machine could be verified by the status of element even during the operation of machine


KSS-series effects are it remove contaminants and moisture of your machine oil as a result a high purity oil NAS degree of 5-9 (ISO 15/12-ISO 17/14) maintenance. You can get effects as below.

Your oil life span extends about 7 times more and reduction of oil purchasing costs.

  • Improvement of productivity by the prevention of various troubles such as the clogging of valve
  • Expansion of the life span of machine by decrease the abrasion rate
  • Power saves by optimum power using by filtrated oil
  • Prevention of environmental pollution by the reduction of waste oil


  • Discharge amount : 180ℓ/hr
  • Possible pressure range : 10-210Kg/cm2
  • Possible oil thickness : 10-320CST (40°C)
  • In, out bore : PT 1/4, PT 3/8
  • Weight : 7.5kg
  • Adapted tank quantity : 1000ℓ